The Jaw, Chapter 2, The Meeting.

The Meeting

I make my way back home; I take a short cut through the park

It has just turned 8 P.M and it is almost dark

There is a woman sitting on a bench, sitting all alone

Staring very strangely at her mobile phone

As I walk past her, she lifts up her head

Oh my word, in my tracks… I stop dead!

The woman on the bench looks the spitting image of Betty

Her eyes squint as she looks up at me

She pats the seat beside her and beckons me to sit

I swallow very hard and so the bullet I bit

As I get a little closer, my heart begins to race

I don’t want to be near her, I don’t want to see her face

I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to go

But she’s the sort of person, who will not accept a No

So I sit down beside her, my body is full of fear

She says “Hello Paul, I have something I want you to hear”

I wonder what she has to say

So I thought I would sit and stay

She lifts her head higher and looks closer at me

And shock amongst horror, some tears I see

This Iron lady was not the sort to show any pain

Were the tears real? Or was she trying to feign?

She takes a hanky from her pocket and dabs her eyes

She whispers “I have something to say, it may be a surprise”

So I swallow very hard and say “OK speak when you can”

She says “Please forgive me, I’m not the person you think I am

You must have heard about me from your best mate

I know he would have told you, because we went on a date

I know that Dave is your best friend

He talked and talked about you no end

He said you both have a good time and a laugh

He even showed me your photograph

Your mate said I was evil and nothing but a tart

But I need to tell you something, I want you to know my heart

Unfortunately the date ended badly

And admittedly he left quite gladly

He said he never wanted to see me again

He said I was too selfish, self-centred and vain

He said that he would warn the other men he knew

Not to go near me and I am sure he must have told you

I know this date was only a month or so ago

But I need to tell you something, I want you to know

I hate people thinking the worst of me

I want you to get to know the real Betty”

I say “It’s OK don’t worry, he hasn’t really said anything

Just that you two slept together, it was only a short fling

He didn’t give away much information

It was only a brief conversation”

She shot me a puzzled look

Her hands they trembled, her hands they shook

She says “Please can you listen, I have something to say

You have to listen, you have to stay

I’ve been meaning to tell my story to someone for many years”

This statement gets me interested and I prick up my ears

She sighs and sniffs and then blows her nose

She hangs her head slowly and looks at her toes

She takes a deep breath in and lets out a sigh

“I’m not who you think I am and I shall tell you why

I’m going to tell you something, I’m going to be harsh and blunt

I’m not who you think I am, it has all been a front

I’m going to tell you a story and every word is true

I’m going to be honest; I’m not going to lie to you

I’m really Mr Jekle but people think I’m Mr Hyde

I’m not mean and evil; I’m not like that inside

What you see on the outside is just a defence

I’ve built up many a wall and even a fence

What you see on the outside isn’t even real

Nobody knows how I really feel

I’ve acted like a woman scorned

I wanted all men to be warned

Warned not to get involved with me

I’m damaged goods; I didn’t want them to see

See that I was incapable of loving

And all I had been used to was pushing and shoving

Used to men having their own way

Each and every single day

Well I didn’t want that, I wanted them to see

That I wasn’t soft and led so easily

I wanted them to think that I was fair game

I didn’t want them to see that I was weak and lame

So I put on a very hard face

And joined that thing called the Human Rat Race

I didn’t want men to walk all over me

I didn’t want men to see

See that I was meek and mild

Treating me as if I were a child

My bruises have gone but I still have the mental scars

I have been kept in a mental prison, with very strong bars

I thought if I turned from the abused to the abuser

That I would be the winner and they would be the loser

I know I shouldn’t have acted that way

But the role was so easy to play

I felt I had the power of an earthquake

And I could make men shiver and shake

This earthquake had the power to kill

So run for your life, run if you will

It was like watching a ticking clock

Waiting for an aftershock

My false sense of power was spiralling out of control

My temper so black, the colour of coal

I just loved having all that power

Getting stronger every minute, stronger every hour

The power game made me feel holey, like I could walk water

I felt if God could have a child, that I would be his daughter

My feeling of power took completely over my soul

I felt like a policeman proud on his patrol

I stuck my nose in the air and looked down on everyone

I loved the power and control; it seemed like so much fun

It used to give me an almighty high

At times I thought that I could fly

It was better than drink and drugs

I loved treating men like stupid mugs

I was like a vampire baying for fresh blood

I was like a leech lying in wait in the mud

I was beyond all help and repair

Sometimes I even pulled out my own hair

The power was festering deep inside

It was killing me slowly, no more could I abide

I hated being like that but I loved the control

I couldn’t escape from that deep, deep hole

The more I dug, the deeper down I went

I fought so hard, until my energy and anger was spent

I know I acted badly towards your friend

That’s why I know my falseness must end

I have been my own worst enemy

I have turned all my friends and family against me

I have no one to turn to, no one to tell

This isolation from everyone is just sheer hell

So I’ve opened my soul and taken a look inside

I’ve swallowed my falseness, I’ve swallowed my pride

I know I have to stop acting this way

And that is why I am sat here today

I cannot take the strain any more

All this pretence is making my head sore

I have been sitting here for hours

Looking at the trees, the grass and the flowers

Looking at the sun and the sky

Thinking why my life can’t be bright? Why oh why?

Looking at lovers walking by

Thinking why can’t I be like them? Why oh why?

Looking at the clouds above

Thinking why can’t I find true love?

Looking deeply into my soul

Thinking why don’t I have any self-control?

Thinking I have to change my ways

And that’s what I have been doing for these past few days

So you see Paul my dear

You have absolutely nothing to fear

I’m as soft as a fluffy little kitten

My life was hard but it has now been rewritten.

Chapter 3


About The Jaw K.A.Shaw

I am a writer from Manchester in the U.K. A writer who believes to have written the World's longest novel in the English language, written by a single person and in Rhyming Couplets. My book, The Jaw Revisited is over 100,000 words which span over 450 pages. Although in the literary world this is classified as poetry, I believe it is a fusion of Poetry, Art and Horror story telling. I do not pretend to be a literary genius, I just write from the heart and what comes naturally to me. No flowery words or phrases, I don't compare thee to a summer's day or anything like that. I write about true life drama, Science Fiction and with a weird imagination. Combine those three together and you get The Jaw Revisited, a no holds barred, straight to the point, dramatised, adventure through life.

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