Chapter 6. My Only Friend

My Only Friend

I used to play alone in my room

And my only doll, I used to groom

I gave her a name, her name was Nancy

She was just a cheap doll, nothing fancy

She was made of a thick brown plastic

Her clothes were torn and they had no elastic

One eye was missing and she had a chewed nose

She didn’t have a change of clothes

Her dress was made from an off white lace

Moth hole ridden all over the place

My poor dolly only had one shoe

Most of her hair was missing, the rest stuck on with glue

Her arms and legs used to squeak

She had a dirty patch on her cheek

In fact all of her plastic body was dirty

But that never used to bother me

I used to sit there brushing her hair

She was the only thing that seemed to care

Cared that I was in that horrible place

Cared if I had a dirty face

Cared about me when I was feeling down

I thought she was a princess but she had no crown

She was my one and only friend

I kept her with me until the end

The end was going to be a few years yet

And many a flu, I did get

The staff just used to put me in bed

With a wet cloth on my head

Not one pill, not one antibiotic

They didn’t care if I was sick

I was treated worse than a pig or hog

I was treated as though I were an old flea bitten dog

Instead of caring, they chose to neglect

They failed to care, they failed to protect

This is how I was treated for the next five years

By all the staff, elders and their peers

Chapter 7


About The Jaw K.A.Shaw

I am a writer from Manchester in the U.K. A writer who believes to have written the World's longest novel in the English language, written by a single person and in Rhyming Couplets. My book, The Jaw Revisited is over 100,000 words which span over 450 pages. Although in the literary world this is classified as poetry, I believe it is a fusion of Poetry, Art and Horror story telling. I do not pretend to be a literary genius, I just write from the heart and what comes naturally to me. No flowery words or phrases, I don't compare thee to a summer's day or anything like that. I write about true life drama, Science Fiction and with a weird imagination. Combine those three together and you get The Jaw Revisited, a no holds barred, straight to the point, dramatised, adventure through life.

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