Chapter 7. Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret

The next five years were almost the same

Until Mr Graham started to play his game

His game seemed strange and he told me not to tell

He told this to some of the other girls as well

The things he did, still affect me to this day

Those terrible memories will never go away

He used to play hide and seek

And at his bits I had to peek

Not only did I have to look, I had to touch as well

He said it was our secret and I must never tell

He said that he loved me and that I was his first

And if I didn’t do as I was told, he just swore and cursed

He always shut the door so no one could see

Then he started to sexually abuse me

He used to lock the door with a key

Then undress me and bounce me on his knee

I never made a sound, never said a word

The whole situation was really absurd

He also used to buy my silence with sweets and money

He said even if I told, no-one would believe me

He said that if I told anyone, I would never leave that place

The bad fairies would get me and I would vanish without trace

I used to have trouble sleeping at night

I would lay there curled up in a ball so tight

Every night Graham would return

Showing no remorse showing no concern

We used to lay there touching each other

I knew it was wrong, I wanted my mother

No one to turn to, no one to tell

The abuse was making me unwell

In my dreams the beast would appear

And when I woke, he would disappear

I always thought he would keep abusing me

Carry on for eternity

Chapter 8


About The Jaw K.A.Shaw

I am a writer from Manchester in the U.K. A writer who believes to have written the World's longest novel in the English language, written by a single person and in Rhyming Couplets. My book, The Jaw Revisited is over 100,000 words which span over 450 pages. Although in the literary world this is classified as poetry, I believe it is a fusion of Poetry, Art and Horror story telling. I do not pretend to be a literary genius, I just write from the heart and what comes naturally to me. No flowery words or phrases, I don't compare thee to a summer's day or anything like that. I write about true life drama, Science Fiction and with a weird imagination. Combine those three together and you get The Jaw Revisited, a no holds barred, straight to the point, dramatised, adventure through life.

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