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Chapter 12. Call For An Ambulance

Call For An Ambulance

I heard a noise from outside of my window

I looked out and saw Louise below

She was running past my garden gate

Running past with AnnMarie, her mate

Inside my head I cussed at her, wished she were dead

And for a few seconds, I turned my head

What happened next was like a bad dream

I faced the window again, as I heard a piercing scream

Louise was impaled on one of the gates metal spikes

Lying next to her were two racing bikes

Louise’s feet were touching the floor

But the spike was embedded through her jaw

AnnMarie was sobbing and crying

Louise was stuck on the spike, bleeding and dying

Two little kids were shouting “It was an accident

We didn’t mean to crash into her, it was not meant”

She had lost lots of blood, her face was grey

I could see her life slipping away

I just stood leaning against the window sill

I couldn’t move, I kept still

I watched Louise as her blood ran down her chin and arm

I knew she had done some serious harm

Her feet suddenly started to slip

From the ground they lost their grip

Louise started to splutter, started to cough

As her jaw almost got ripped off

I whisper to myself “You’ve dropped something on the floor

Oh yes Louise, it is your jaw”

I could see her eyes rolling to the top of her head

If she didn’t receive help, she would soon be dead

I opened the window and stuck my head out

“Call for an ambulance!” I heard AnnMarie shout

I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t know why

For some strange reason, I wanted Louise to die

I heard a voice screaming in my head


I saw Louise’s body begin to shake and quiver

Down my spine, ran a cold shiver

I knew Louise’s body was quickly failing

In the distance I hear an ambulance siren wailing

“The ambulance is coming” I hear AnnMarie hark

Then all I remember is the room going dark

Next thing I know, I was tucked up in bed

Mum sitting beside me, telling me Louise was dead

I think as I fainted, I must have hit my head off the floor

Because my head was extremely sore

Sore wasn’t the word, as it hurt very much

Yet strangely… not to the touch

The next few weeks past in a blur

All I kept seeing was images of her

The headaches were driving me insane

I thought I had a haemorrhage in my brain

My mental health needed some attention

I went to the doctors to seek medical intervention

To the doctor I gave a symptom description

He took out a pad and wrote a prescription

He said most people would have done the same in my situation

He also recommended a well needed vacation

But I didn’t want to go on holiday

I didn’t want to go away

I just wanted to be left alone

I just wanted to be on my own

My behaviour was causing mum and dad to be stressed

So they went on holiday instead, they thought it was best

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Chapter 11. Hit a Nerve

Hit a Nerve

 Life was good for many years

I had no worries, stress or fears

My eighteenth birthday was such fun

I received expensive gifts from everyone

Perfume, jewellery designer suits

Manicures, Pedicures and leather boots

Leather handbags, bottles of champagne

Solid gold earrings, an expensive gold chain


Aunty Rita made me a birthday cake

She loved to cook, she loved to bake

She also booked me a limousine

I felt as though I was a queen

I felt like a queen minus the crown

I looked my friends up and down

I thought I was so much better than them

And that’s where my snobbery started to stem


I always used to have lots of money

Mock my friends, I thought it was funny

Louise, Helen and AnnMarie

Had much less than me

Louise was talking to her friend

She was upfront, she didn’t pretend

I think I might have hit a nerve

Because I overheard something I didn’t deserve”


“She thinks that she is gorgeous, thinks that she is pretty

She thinks that she is funny; she thinks that she is witty

She thinks she is a beauty queen

She thinks she’s God, she thinks she’s supreme

But she is nothing but a spoilt little cow

I tell you this and I tell you this now

She is nothing but a gold digger

Each day her greed gets bigger and bigger

How dare she compare me?

And how dare she compare thee

She walks around with her head stuck up her bum

Just because she has a fairly rich mum

She thinks she is better than all of us

At her I would like to scream and cuss

I hate the way she styles her hair

I hate the way she holds her nose up in the air

She is nothing but a tart

I tell you something, she had better not start

I would love to slap her face

I would love to shove her all over the place

I would love to slap her sore

She thinks she is rich and we are poor

Well poor her, I am telling you now

She is nothing but a spoilt cow

AnnMarie only pretends to like her

To lose Betty’s friendship, she would prefer


If Betty wasn’t my so called friend

I would get her arm and her arm I would bend

I would bend it right in half

She would cry, she wouldn’t laugh

How dare she have the nerve to mock me?

I will get her back, just wait and see

I am going to wait until late at night

And jump out on her and give her a fright

Then I am going to break her arm

I am going to cause her such harm

Then I am going to jump on her head

I’m not going to stop until she is dead

I hate the way she looks down on me

I’m going to kick her in the eye, until she can’t see

And then upon her head I will pound

I will make sure she never gets off the ground

I’m sorry girls; I know she’s meant to be our friend

But her boasting drives me around the bend

I’m sorry girls; I shouldn’t have said all that

But she is nothing but a dirty alley cat

I’m sorry girls if I sounded snotty

But her soul is so murky and grotty

Come on girls before I pretend to blub

Who is coming with me to the pub?”


“Well I couldn’t believe what I had just heard

How stupid, how silly, how dumb, how absurd

They were just bitches, it was plain to see

None of it was true, it was just jealousy

They were so petty and pathetic

Their jibes and cruelty just made me sick

They were just jealous because my life was perfect

So until they apologised, their friendship I would neglect

What they said had obviously hurt

How dare Louise talk about me as if I were dirt!

So I tossed my head back and walked back home

My friendship… they had just blown


Well of course I was very upset

How mean can anyone get?

Those things they had said about me were not true

They were just bitches through and through

At least I could turn to my mum

Make her feel sorry for me by sucking my thumb

If I fluttered my eyelashes and pretended to get upset

Many hugs and kisses I would get


I loved her kiss, I loved her hug

It would make me feel warm and snug

I loved the kisses my mum would give me

They weren’t like Graham’s, all sordid and seedy

So I went home and told my mum

Sat on her knee and sucked my thumb

Mum said “Don’t worry, your pain will go away”

And that Louise would be sorry one day


I went to go and tidy my room

Gave it a quick sweep with the broom

I went to throw a very old coat away

I looked in the pocket, Oh wow…Hey

There was my locket from long ago

Should I throw it away? I must not, oh no

So I put the locket around my neck

And it was still as itchy as heck

I swore I would never take it off my neck again

And from removing it I would refrain

Chapter 12

Chapter 7. Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret

The next five years were almost the same

Until Mr Graham started to play his game

His game seemed strange and he told me not to tell

He told this to some of the other girls as well

The things he did, still affect me to this day

Those terrible memories will never go away

He used to play hide and seek

And at his bits I had to peek

Not only did I have to look, I had to touch as well

He said it was our secret and I must never tell

He said that he loved me and that I was his first

And if I didn’t do as I was told, he just swore and cursed

He always shut the door so no one could see

Then he started to sexually abuse me

He used to lock the door with a key

Then undress me and bounce me on his knee

I never made a sound, never said a word

The whole situation was really absurd

He also used to buy my silence with sweets and money

He said even if I told, no-one would believe me

He said that if I told anyone, I would never leave that place

The bad fairies would get me and I would vanish without trace

I used to have trouble sleeping at night

I would lay there curled up in a ball so tight

Every night Graham would return

Showing no remorse showing no concern

We used to lay there touching each other

I knew it was wrong, I wanted my mother

No one to turn to, no one to tell

The abuse was making me unwell

In my dreams the beast would appear

And when I woke, he would disappear

I always thought he would keep abusing me

Carry on for eternity

Chapter 8

Chapter 5. The Children’s Home.

The Children’s Home

The home I was put in was dirty and cold

The building smelt of musk and was very old

The staff clothed me and fed me as little as they could

They didn’t look after me as they should

I always had dirt on my face

They left me to wander alone, all over the place

I was left alone to roam

In every room in the children’s home

The rooms were dull and very bare

They contained a few beds and just one chair

I shared a room with five other kids

The windows were secured with metal grids

The staff said it was to keep thieves at bay

But I think it was to stop us from running away

I hated that home, I felt like a prisoner of war

I hated it to my heart’s core

There were cobwebs all over the ceiling

The paper on the walls was dirty and peeling

The windows were cracked, they weren’t very safe

This was no place to keep a young waif

What would happen if I fell?

Would they be concerned? Would they hell!

The windows were dirty and grimy

The floors were wet, slippy and slimy

A cleaner would come around every day

Her job was to keep the dirt at bay

But she didn’t do a very good job

She was nothing but a lazy slob

She didn’t last long, she got sacked

The new cleaner wasn’t any better and that was a fact

No-one in the home seemed to care

If there was dirt and dust everywhere

There was a two inch layer of dust on the window sill

I’m surprised no-one fell ill

I hardly had any toys

I was always picked on by the boys

In fact most of the kids picked on me

Because I was small and so skinny

They always used to pull my hair

They were older than me but they didn’t care

The staff always used to turn a blind eye

I could never fathom out why

I always had nits and was covered in lice

The children’s home was infested with mice

Around my room the mice would creep

Scratching and squeaking as we all tried to sleep

I told the staff one night when I was eating my tea

That those horrible mice were scaring me

They looked upon with a face of disgust

Shook their heads, shouted and cussed

They told me to shut up and eat my tea

They never seemed to be bothered about me

All they were worried about was their pay

And going home at the end of the day

We poor children didn’t have a life

We were living on the edge of a knife

Chapter 6