Welcome To The Jaw

Good Afternoon everyone, my name is Katherine A Shaw and welcome to a blog site that is going to be dedicated to The Jaw.

In case you haven’t heard of it, which I’m guessing many of you haven’t, The Jaw Revisited is an epic poetic novel written by myself.  One year in the writing as produced a novel that is over 100,000 words long.  Now I can hear you all shouting at me… “So what, 100,000 words is not that long”  and you will be correct.  There is something rather unique about this book though.

It is a life story of two characters…  “Yes o.k but many books are like that”

It has love and romance…  “Oh no not another Mills and Boon?”

Death and despair, torture, sadness and betrayal… “Yes o.k but that does not make it special”

Well it covers many subjects about today’s society… “Right it is not sounding that unique or different is it?”

O.K, well The Jaw is as I have said over 100,000 words, spanning more than 450 pages all written in……. Rhyming Couplets.  Each line will rhyme with the next throughout the whole book.  It is a life story of two characters, Paul and Betty as they try to fight their way through their so-called life which throws just about everything at them.  Many subjects raised are subjects that maybe when we were all younger, if they had been talked about a little more instead of being brushed under the carpet, the society today would not be such a bad place sometimes.

I really hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to leave comments where you think appropriate.

I will post small snippets on a daily basis, as well as some photographs from when I take “The Jaw On Tour” to Mallorca.

Much love.   Katherine


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