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Chapter 9. Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit

 Anyway let me get back to my mum

She was vivacious and bubbly, she was so much fun

Mum was beautiful and had long blonde hair

Her skin so silky, soft and fair

Mum couldn’t have babies, she had problems below

And dad’s sperm count was very low

Dad was clean shaven and polite

He was tall, he reached some height

Mum and dad were kind to me

They were the kindest that they could be

They were not that particularly wealthy

But what spare money they had, they spent on me

They said that I was worth every pound

As a better daughter, they could not have found

I remember buying a pet rabbit with my pocket money

Oh how I adored my black and white bunny

I lived a few years in luxury

I was spoilt rotten, everyone could see

My life was great, my life was swell

Until they adopted another girl as well

I had to fight for all that was mine

She was a pig, she was a swine

We always fought for mum’s attention

I called her a few names that I won’t mention

I detested her, she detested me

There was always some sibling rivalry

I wasn’t starved of love or affection

Or cuddles, or kisses, or protection

That was until my adopted sister came

Then she nuzzled in on the game

I had to suddenly share my room

I hoped she would go someday soon

But she wasn’t going, she was there to stay

I had to get rid of her somehow, some way

One day I gave myself a bruise

I thought what the hell I have nothing to lose

I said that my adopted sister had done it

And that she had covered my toys in spit

But mum and dad only gave her a caution

Said I should take care with more precaution

I was so mad that my plan didn’t work

It drove me crazy, I went berserk

And one day as clear as light

I did something cruel and very tight

It was by accident I do swear

But I wasn’t bothered, I didn’t care

I trapped bunny’s foot in the door

I said she had done it by stomping on its paw

My bunny was in pain, and she was bleeding

Of some first aid, she was needing

I thought she would now leave, but mum scolded her instead

This sent me crazy, sent me off my head

I had to think of something really evil to do

I am ashamed now of what I did next, I swear it is true

I slammed the same door on my bunny’s head

I slammed it so hard, it ended up dead

I said she had done it by stomping on its head

And to its death… it had bled

Well mum and dad thought my sister was deranged

And so her departure they swiftly arranged

I was chuckling and laughing with glee

I got rid of her, yes it was me

I had mum and dad all to myself

I wasn’t being left on the shelf

Mum and dad were mine alone

Even if they weren’t my real flesh and bone

If I couldn’t have them, no one could

Loving me only, like they should

Chapter 10


The Home Of The World’s Longest Poetic Novel, Written In Rhyming Couplets.

Welcome to The Jaw, the home of the World’s longest poetic novel written in rhyming couplets.  The Jaw  Revisited may well change the way you look at poetry forever.  Not just a piece of poetry, not just a novel, not just another book.  The Jaw is 101,573 words, 472,135 characters, 439 pages and 15,152 lines all written in  rhyming couplets.

 I believe this makes it the longest rhyming couplet novel, written in English and by a single person in the world.  Many people make this claim, just search in Google and you will encounter 100’s of claims to this feat.  All of these  claims are different to mine, in that The Jaw is not just a collection of rhyming couplets but an actual story.  Some are not written in the English langauge, and many have been written by several different people.  Twitter and Facebook both have claims that users have written the longest poem combining the efforts of 1000’s of users,  I wrote mine on my own.

I never set out to break any records, I write because I find it the best way to express my feelings and emotions.  I enjoy making up characters, giving them a personality and hopefully passing that personality onto the readers.  I love to explore the world of the unknown and what better way to do that than in words using an over active imagination.  My words are simple, yet very effective.  I will not compare Thee To A Summer’s Night, or have words that have the reader wondering what it’s all about.  I suppose in a way, I write how I speak.

When I was fifteen I left school with no formal qualifications, no PhD or University degree and not really having any career goals.  I have never had any form of English teaching and certainly think I would be terrible if I had to sit an exam or hand in coursework now 🙂  I know enough though, I know that if you push yourself and believe in what you are doing, believe in where you want to go and what you want to do, then you will be successful.  Success does not always come in the form of money or life’s extravagant luxuries, sometimes it is the simple things, like sitting back and saying “I did that.”

That is what I have done with The Jaw, I wanted to write something that I can be proud of, something that I can say to my children, grand children and even my parents, “Look, I did that”.  I am proud of my novel, I think the plot is fantastic, the twists and turns will have you on edge wondering what is going to happen next.  The words will flow from your mouth with ease and before long you will not even realise you are reading the words in rhyme.

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Ebook Short Description

The Jaw is an epic horror story written in a totally unique way. I believe this is the longest ever novel in the English language that has been written in rhyme. At over 100,000 words and spanning more than 400 pages, this piece of literature has it all. Ultimately this horror story will take your breath away. With twists and stomach turning churns that will have you thirsting for more. 

A Review On

This review is from: The Jaw (Kindle Edition)

I`ve never read a novel that is in rhyme before and now i have i can`t believe just how clever it is. Apart from it having damn good story to it you marvel at how the author has managed to do poetry and the story as well. There`s so many twists and turns in it , things i never expected , which i`m not going into on here because it`ll ruin the story for anyone who buys it.
Its left me wanting more , and i`m hoping the author writes some more books.

On the top menu you can have a read for yourself as I have posted the first twelve chapters for you.

I hope you enjoy the site and have a wonderful day

Much love.  Katherine x

Chapter 5. The Children’s Home.

The Children’s Home

The home I was put in was dirty and cold

The building smelt of musk and was very old

The staff clothed me and fed me as little as they could

They didn’t look after me as they should

I always had dirt on my face

They left me to wander alone, all over the place

I was left alone to roam

In every room in the children’s home

The rooms were dull and very bare

They contained a few beds and just one chair

I shared a room with five other kids

The windows were secured with metal grids

The staff said it was to keep thieves at bay

But I think it was to stop us from running away

I hated that home, I felt like a prisoner of war

I hated it to my heart’s core

There were cobwebs all over the ceiling

The paper on the walls was dirty and peeling

The windows were cracked, they weren’t very safe

This was no place to keep a young waif

What would happen if I fell?

Would they be concerned? Would they hell!

The windows were dirty and grimy

The floors were wet, slippy and slimy

A cleaner would come around every day

Her job was to keep the dirt at bay

But she didn’t do a very good job

She was nothing but a lazy slob

She didn’t last long, she got sacked

The new cleaner wasn’t any better and that was a fact

No-one in the home seemed to care

If there was dirt and dust everywhere

There was a two inch layer of dust on the window sill

I’m surprised no-one fell ill

I hardly had any toys

I was always picked on by the boys

In fact most of the kids picked on me

Because I was small and so skinny

They always used to pull my hair

They were older than me but they didn’t care

The staff always used to turn a blind eye

I could never fathom out why

I always had nits and was covered in lice

The children’s home was infested with mice

Around my room the mice would creep

Scratching and squeaking as we all tried to sleep

I told the staff one night when I was eating my tea

That those horrible mice were scaring me

They looked upon with a face of disgust

Shook their heads, shouted and cussed

They told me to shut up and eat my tea

They never seemed to be bothered about me

All they were worried about was their pay

And going home at the end of the day

We poor children didn’t have a life

We were living on the edge of a knife

Chapter 6

Chapter 4. The Gift.

The Gift

“I was the only child to a single mum

My father disappeared, he went on the run

He got involved in dealing drugs

He owed lots of money to some seedy thugs

My mother was an ex-convict

My mother was also a drug addict

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday

My mum’s teeth were rotten, they were black and grey

She always had a syringe stuck in her arm

Track marks and scars from self-harm

She often left me on my own, took ages to return

About her young daughter, she showed little concern

Her nose was always red and runny

She ate very little, lost weight of her tummy

Her pupils always looked like piss holes in the snow

She always looked depressed, always looked low

She was always sick and sweating

To take good care of me, she was always forgetting

Towards me she had a shitty attitude

Always screaming at me, always in a mood

She took me shopping, from each shop we would drift

Whilst I watched from my buggy, watching my mum shop lift

Stealing clothes, perfume and jewellery

Not stealing food, so that she could feed me

She was always thinking about herself

Never me or my health

I often cried with hunger pain

All my mum was concerned about though, was cocaine

My mum practised voodoo, believed in the occult

When spells went wrong, it was always my fault

She had spells for this, and spells for that

She even bought herself a big black cat

In her bedroom, she had an altar covered in candles and flowers

She believed that the candles held magical powers

She would light the candles and go into a trance

Sway backwards and forwards like she was doing a slow dance

Her alter was covered in old grey bones

Covered in twigs and funny looking stones

She believed in vengeance instead of turning the other cheek

Said kindness and forgiveness, were only for the meek

She said God only existed in a fool’s mind

You get no thanks in this world for being good and kind

I remember on my eighth birthday

Social services took me away

They took me away and my mum didn’t care

They put me in a children’s home in the middle of no-where

But before I left… my mum went in her pocket

And around my neck she put a locket

The locket wasn’t made from silver or gold

It was made of bone and looked very old

It hung from a rope, the rope was grey

Around the edges, it had started to fray

It wasn’t sparkly, it wasn’t bling

Meant for a pauper and not for a king

But it had been the only gift that she had given me

I think it was her way of an apology?

My mum said that I must keep it

Or I will have bad luck bit by bit

She said the locket was real and not imitation

Whoever wronged me would be condemned to damnation

She said I must never let it out of my sight

Not in the day and not in the night

She said the locket had been made by a witch

But the rope from which it hung made my neck itch

So I took the funny looking locket

Off my neck and put it in my pocket

Chapter 5

Chapter 3. Lend Me You Ear.

Lend Me Your Ear

Here is my story that I’m going to tell you

And you will know when I have finished, every word is true

I will tell you right from the start

Why my life gave me a hardened heart

I have to tell you, I have to tell someone

About the battles I have lost and the battles I have won

Forgive me Paul but you have a kind face

My emotions are all over the place

The reason why I have turned to you

Is I have heard your heart is pure and true

I have heard you are kind and understanding

Dave’s comments about you are quiet outstanding!

He said that you are nice and kind

And a better friend he would not find

Dave said that your heart is pure

And that you donate your money to the poor

Your friend said that you help those that are in need

He said that you are a good man indeed

He said you are kind and humane

Every sentence he utters, he mentions your name

I heard that you walk this way

Almost every single day

I have been coming here every day for a week

Because your ear, I wanted to seek

I thought that because you were so kind

That you would listen to my story and that you wouldn’t mind

Wouldn’t mind listening and lending me your ear

And that is why I am waiting here

So I’ve waited here for you to show

I want you to hear, I want you to know

I am going to tell you my life story

But be warned it’s a little gory”

So I sit here and listen and stare at her in awe

What she is telling me, I have never heard the likes before

Chapter 4